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Expressing Vision—Building Community

Collaborative art is a unique way to create community. In a collaborative art project, Sasha creates an opportunity for participants to express their individual voices, in the context of an organization-wide vision of “who we really are” and “what we want to create.” The outcome is an exquisite, permanent work of art that provides a tangible symbol of your community’s vision, and at the same time is an empowering expression of each individual’s diverse views and experience.

Each collaborative art project is uniquely designed to support the goals and issues of the community it serves. For example, the elements of the artwork—clay tiles, plaster hands, fabric squares, and so on—are tailor made to suit the people and the culture of the organization. Participants then express their personal ideals and images on these elements in focused sessions of 20-40 minutes. Finally, the elements are brought together in unusual ways to generate new insights and opportunities for change. As a professional artist, Sasha’s expertise is in creating remarkable art work that combines personal expressions and a community’s vision into a powerful sculpture that can be enjoyed by all.

Sasha’s “Easy Access” approach allows anyone and everyone to participate—no artistic experience is required. With simple-to-use materials and an emphasis on expression not perfection, everyone can feel mastery over the process.
Community collaborative art offers a powerful catalyst for building community while supporting each individual’s diversity, and the results are unique, empowering and beautiful.

To work with Sasha on a collaborative project, please contact her directly at 617-923-2669. For an extended description of SashaCreations Collaborative Art please click here.